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Access control and access control system
Jan 11, 2019

First, what is access control?
Access control, also known as Access Management control system, channel management system, is a management personnel in and out of the digital intelligent Management system.
The original concept of access control system is in fact long ago in our lives. For example, our families have doors and locks, people in their own homes with keys, and when the family comes back, there is no need to shout the door and open the door directly with the key. Outside people visit, the people in the room heard the sound of knocking on the door, know that someone visited, asked: "Who?" "The man outside replied," This is ***! "The people inside judge whether to open the door through sound and past experience." This is an original concept of access control. 

Second, access control system types and advantages and disadvantages.
With the deepening of the degree of social electronic intelligence, now we see the access control system according to the different input equipment, media and methods can be divided into: Password access control system, credit card access control system, biometric access control system.

1, Password access control system: By entering the password, the system to determine the correct password on the drive of the electric lock, open the door to release.
Advantages: Just remember the password, no need to bring other media, the lowest cost.
Cons: Slow speed, it generally takes several seconds to enter a password, and if there are too many people in and out, you need to queue. If you enter an error, you need to re-enter it, which takes longer. Poor security, the person next to it is easy to remember other people's passwords through gestures, passwords are easy to forget or leak. Trend: Password access to use more and less occasions, only in the security requirements are low, low cost, use is not frequent occasions are still in use. For example: safe.

2, swipe access control system: According to the type of card is also divided into contact card access control system (magnetic stripe card Barcode card ) and non-contact card (also known as induction card RF card ) access control system.
Contact card access control system because of contact cards easy to wear, the use of not many times, cards easy to damage, and so on, the scope of use has been less and fewer, only in connection with the bank card (magnetic stripe card) related occasions, such as: Bank VIP access control system, unattended ATM access control system and other local industry areas are still in use.
Contactless IC card, due to its durability, good value for money, fast reading speed, high security advantages are the mainstream of the current access control system. Therefore, at present, many people will be the contactless IC card access control system referred to as access control system.

3, Biometric access control system: according to the biological characteristics of the human body to identify the identity of the access control system. Common are: Fingerprint access control system (each person's fingerprint tattoo characteristics are different), Palm Type Instrument access control system (the bone shape of each person's palm is different), Iris access control system (each person's retina through optical scanning differences), portrait recognition access control system (each person's five features and location is different) and so on.
The advantage is: no need to carry cards and other media, the probability of repetition is less, not easy to be copied, high security.
The downside is that the cost is high. Because biometrics need to be compared to many parameter characteristics, slower than the speed, is not conducive to the number of people too many occasions. The biological characteristics of the human body will change with the environment and time, so it is easy to produce rejection rate (obviously this person, but his biological characteristics changed, but think not himself), for example: fingerprints due to different seasons and dry humidity, palm type and portrait as a result of age changes, iris due to eye disease and changes. Therefore, although the biometric access control system is advanced and safe, but the scope of application is limited, only in the small number of people, high security requirements, do not worry about the high cost of a few areas of application, is not the mainstream of the current access control system.

The access control system has some derivative forms according to its application and Application object. For example: parking management system for vehicle access management, Subway access control system for subway bus charges, etc.