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Access control magnetic lock installation
Jan 24, 2019

Step 1: 

first open the cover with a screwdriver, then use a hex wrench to hit the edge board, ready to install.


 Step 2: 

Take out the installation cardboard, fold the cardboard along the dotted line, place the cardboard in the position where you want to lock it, and then mark the place where you need to punch the hole and punch it.


 Step 3:

     A. Following the fixing of the iron plate, insert the hexagon socket screw into the iron plate, place the rubber washer between the two metal washers, and then set it on the hexagon socket screw. Insert the iron plate into the three holes on the door, and insert the mushroom head from the other side of the door. Use a hex wrench to lock the iron plate to the door.

     B. Fix the side plate and fix the side plate with the two semi-circular head screws on the previously punched door frame (fixed in the long hole of the side plate). Note: Do not lock the side panel so that it can move back and forth to facilitate the correction of the position.

     C. Correct the position of the side plate so that the position of the side plate and the relay plate are appropriate, so that the lock body can be in close contact with the relay plate.

     D. After fixing the lock body and the semi-circular head screws of the side panel locking side plate, lock all the countersunk screws, then remove the semi-circular head screws and drill holes in the appropriate positions for wiring. Finally, lock the lock body to the side panel with a hex wrench.


Step 4: Wire according to the instructions in the manual.


Step 5: Cover the cover and insert the small aluminum cylinder into the screw hole of the lock body.