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Cost-effective RFID HF Label for Asset Management
Sep 07, 2018

HSY has released the square HF Label with a guaranteed 10-year data lifespan to store information. It is a cost-effective selection for asset tracking applications that require the system to manage asset with RFID labels.

RFID HF Label.jpg

The superior performance 13.56MHz RFID label can produce a robust and cost-effective RFID solution in the asset management process. With the I-Code 2 (ISO 15693) inlay inside, the HF RFID label can track the objects equipped with the adhesive label easily. Besides, it can be rewritten over 100,000 times to store more information.

The 13.56MHz HF label offers high flexibility and high reliability for asset management. With the high-quality paper and 3M adhesive Glue on its backside, it can be easily attached to any surface on which you can put a label, from industrial and consumer goods to documents.

In addition, the blank HF RFID label can be customized in logo, number and coding printing. It is suitable for a wide range of asset tracking applications, such as document tracking, library management, parcel tracking, etc.