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customized Passive RFID Tag with long lifespan
Sep 11, 2018

Want to find customized passive RFID tag with long lifespan? HSY can customize passive RFID tags with superior performance on a variety of surfaces. With superior printing and encapsulation technology, the durable tags can provide a useful life of ten years or more to keep the investment low.

With minimum size at dia. 9mm, HSYtive tag, the passive RFID tag is much smaller in size, since it functions without a battery.

Passive RFID Tag

Additionally, the rigid RFID tags have a wide band antenna design to allow for use on a variety of surfaces, such as metal, plastic, wood, jewelry, etc. And it is waterproof, chemical resistance and high temperature ratings.

HSY's high-quality customized passive RFID tags have long lifespan and small size advantages. Also, with less ongoing maintenance, it can be easily adopted by users.