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The concept and working principle of electric bolt Lock
Jan 23, 2019

The electric mortise lock is also called "anode lock". In fact, it is only a kind of "anode lock", which is an electric lock that opens the door when the power is off. Because in accordance with fire protection requirements, when the fire occurs, the building will automatically cut off the power, the electric lock should be opened to facilitate people to escape.

The electric plug lock is divided into two-wire electric plug lock, four-wire electric plug lock, five-wire electric plug lock, and eight-wire electric plug lock.

The principle of two-wire electric plug: there are two wires, red and black, red is connected to the power supply +12VDC black to GND. When any line is disconnected, the lock will automatically retract and the door will be open. Two-wire electric lock, the design is relatively simple, there is no single-chip control circuit, the lock body is also more prone to heat and hot, and the impact current is relatively large. It is the lowest level product in the electric plug lock product and one of the most widely used products in municipal applications.

The principle of the four-wire electric plug: there are two wires, red and black, red is connected to the power supply +12VDC black to GND. There are also two white lines, which are the magnetic signal lines of the door, reflecting the opening and closing states of the door. It passes the door magnet and returns the signal to the access controller according to the current door's on or off state. For example, an alarm occurs when an illegal entry occurs. Functions that have not been turned off for a long time rely on these signals to transmit information. If these functions are not established in the system, the gate signal lines may not be connected. The four-wire electric plug lock adopts single-chip controller, which has good heat generation, with delay control and magnetic feedback function with door. It is also widely used in electric plug lock products.

The principle of the five-wire electric plug lock: the principle of the four-wire electric plug lock is the same, but the opposite signal of the pair of door magnets is used for some special occasions. The formal occasion is rather troublesome, and the engineer should test which pair to use.


The red and black lines are the power source. There are also COMNONC three lines, NO and NC respectively and COM constitute two pairs of signals opposite (a set of closed signals, a set of open signals). When the door is opened, the closing signal becomes an open signal and a group of open signals becomes a closed signal.


The principle of the eight-wire electric plug: the principle is the same as the five-wire electric plug. In addition to the gate state output, the lock state output is also added.