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Face recognition in the Tokyo Olympics
Sep 26, 2018

According to reports, the face recognition system will be used for face recognition of approximately 300,000 attendees during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. The system combines their facial images with passes to confirm whether they are themselves, thereby ensuring the safety of athletes, spectators and officials.

Face recognition.jpg

  First, the face image that was taken and registered in advance is associated with the pass information with the IC chip. Then, issue the respective passes to the relevant personnel. Check the face image and passport information on the terminal set at the entrance of the venue to confirm whether you are yourself.

  There is a camera for face recognition on the terminal, and there is a place for swiping underneath. Face recognition is performed immediately after swiping, and confirmation is completed in a few seconds. In addition to preventing the pass from being used by others and being impersonated, the device can also reduce the burden of manual identification at the entrance.

 During the public presentation to the media, the people involved in the test continued to enter the venue without stopping. In the actual test, when the staff confirmed 4 people by visual inspection, the face recognition system has confirmed 10 people and let them pass. Therefore, the face recognition system can solve the situation in which a large number of people gather due to the security check.