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Features of NFC, Bluetooth Virtual Key Lock System Solution
May 16, 2018

1, can use the hotel's conventional Mifare1 card swipe to open the door, you can also use smart phones with NFC, Bluetooth capabilities to open the door.

2, simple operation: as long as the sensor in front of the door lock induction, you can open the door.

3, high security: NFC, Bluetooth, M1 cards have their own encryption system.

4, a card and more use: you can make a card. Access control, access, elevator control, etc.

5, advanced technology: virtual key, remote authorization, can be authorized through various means such as QR code, SMS, cloud service.

6, can read the door lock door record. The capacity of the door lock record is up to 900, and it can be automatically recorded regardless of the unlocking of the door lock with any level of smart card and mechanical key.

7, Bluetooth system can be compatible with both Android and Apple systems.

8, the standard third-party interface, can be compatible with the wine management system.