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What are the main functions of the fingerprint attendance machine?
Jan 21, 2019

Fingerprint Attendance Machine is a necessary attendance equipment for many companies, so, what are the main functions of fingerprint attendance machine ?

Main functions of the fingerprint attendance machine:

1. Normal attendance management: 

automatic statistics, such as late arrival and early departure, provide statistics on the number of late arrivals and departures, and the length of time.

2. Abnormal attendance management: 

Provides abnormal attendance management functions such as business trips, field work, work injury, absenteeism, and outbound travel.


3, overtime management:

 provide registration overtime, continuous shifts and other functions, automatic statistics usually overtime, weekly breaks overtime, holiday overtime length of time.

4. Provide a comprehensive attendance report:

       A. Attendance summary details table: Statistics of individual individual items, such as late arrival, early leave, absenteeism, leave, travel, outing, usual overtime, weekly work overtime, holiday overtime, actual attendance, attendance rate, etc., this report is mainly used for calculation Salary.


       B. Attendance chart: use the symbolic image to indicate the attendance of each day of the month. Through this table, the daily attendance of each employee can be seen at a glance.


       C, attendance daily report, monthly report abnormal report. This report allows you to view the specific attendance of each employee per day.


       D. Overtime details table: This table shows the length of time each person works overtime every day.

The specific point is from the beginning of the time. Statistics can be performed for any time period, and it is not necessary to count a certain number from the first month of the month. At the same time, the statistics of the monthly statistics can be summarized and the annual statistics can be realized. The attendance machine also has the function of access control, as long as it is equipped with our professional power supply and electric plug lock, employees can go to work every day. The first time it is confirmed as the attendance record, the outbound record is recorded as the outbound record, and the entry and exit records can be viewed anytime and anywhere, and can be printed out and kept as records.


In addition, you can also choose the amount of attendance machine according to the actual situation. These attendance machines can work together online or offline. You can connect to the computer when you check the attendance record.