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Heat-resistant RFID Hotel Bracelet wristband for Sauna and Spa Hotel
Sep 11, 2018

HSY has newly come out with a heat-resistant waterproof RFID Hotel bracelet Wristband, specially designed to be used in high temperature environment like sauna and spa hotel, etc. Incorporated with silicone and RFID tag, this heat-resistant RFID bracelet tag can be used in the sauna as admissions, payment and security.

EM RFID wristband

This waterproof RFID bracelet is perfectly used in high temperature environment, since it can survive in the extreme temperature from -30 Celsius degree to +60 Celsius degree while still maintaining high identification accuracy. With this heat-resistant contactless bracelet worn on wrist, the guests of the sauna can get in or out of the place freely and pay the fee without cash or credit card. Thus, it can guarantee the safety of the guests.

Available in 13.56MHz or 125KHz working frequency version, this rugged RFID bracelet could be customized to support ISO15693 or 14443 protocol. And it is readable and writable as far as 10cm, enabling an efficient and reliable means for identification in a hot environment. Besides, it can be printed with a customized logo and designed in any storage capability, colors and dimensions.

Moreover, this heat-resistant RFID bracelet is waterproof, anti-acid, anti-alkali, and crashworthy. Therefore, it is also suitable used in Water Park, cruise, swimming pool, Spa Hotel and so forth.