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How to choose the card reading and writing device (terminal)?
May 16, 2018

Different types of cards, according to their working principle and identification technology, correspond to different data information read and write devices, mainly including:

Magnetic card - magnetic card reader, magnetic card reader

Barcode Card - Barcode Printer, Infrared Barcode Reader (CCD), Laser Barcode Reader

RF ID Card - RF ID/EM Reader

Contact IC Card - Contact IC Card Reader (MEMROY Card, CPU Card)

Contactless IC Cards - RF IC card readers (different or compatible)

Electronic tags (cards) - RFID antenna receivers, tag readers, middleware

In addition, printers—at present, mostly thermal printers and thermal transfer printers, are mainstream print output devices.

At present, there are many manufacturers and agents of card reading and writing equipment, and there are many brands. Due to the adoption of internationally uniform technical standards, there is no essential difference between the functions of domestic manufacturers and imported products, and the price is more than half that of imported products. The main concern should be the failure rate, the service life, the after-sale maintenance service period, and whether the supplier provides free standby service for these devices.

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