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Introduction of magnetic Lock and detailed working principle
Jan 28, 2019

 Magnetic lock is widely used, applicable to enterprises, companies, schools, hospitals, enterprises and institutions, etc., used to protect people's daily work and life. This article is a small compilation for you to introduce the principle of magnetic lock.

 Introduction to Magnetic Lock

Magnetic lock, also known as suction lock, power after locking body to produce a huge magnetic force, any iron object near will be sucked. Moreover, the size of the magnetic force, with the contact area, the larger the stress area of the iron object, the fuller the suction will not be easy to open. Magnetism is the transformation of electricity into magnetism, magnetism itself is a force, then the force also has the size. Magnetic force size, can be designed according to the needs, so magnetic lock in the setting is also a strong limit, there are 180kg, 280kg, 380kg and so on. This magnetism, if we have enough strength, can also pull the magnetism apart, that is, the magnetic lock is separated.

  Magnetic Lock principle

The design of a magnetic lock (or electromagnetic lock), like an electromagnetic iron, is the principle of the use of electro-magnetic magnetism. When the current passes through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will produce a powerful suction tightly suction adsorption iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door. Very small current will also let the electromagnetic lock will produce a lot of magnetism, effective control of the electromagnetic lock power supply control system identification personnel right after the power outage, electromagnetic lock lost suction can open the door. Because the electromagnetic lock does not have the complex mechanical structure and the structure of the lock tongue, it is suitable for the access control of the escape gate or the fire door. The internal use of perfusion epoxy tree ester (epoxy) to protect the lock body.

At present, the suction strength of the electromagnetic lock is expressed in lb (lb), and the method of testing is static pressurization. The so-called static pressure is the electromagnetic lock after the power slowly gradually increase the tensile force on the adsorption iron plate, when the suction beyond the electromagnetic lock instantly open the adsorption iron plate, this tensile data is the tensile value of the electromagnetic lock. And the force of the electromagnetic lock and the adsorption iron plate must be face to face and linear pressure (collinear load test), so the suction of the electromagnetic lock (holding force) is the largest. Adsorption of iron plate because of a long time by the magnetic induction of electromagnets may be briefly magnetized.