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IS RFID disposable PVC wristbands waterproof
Aug 03, 2018

RFID disposable PVC wristbands

The material of wristband will determine whether the disposable wristband waterproof or not. Almost all disposable Bracelet is waterproof in the market.

Tyvek paper medical wristband is a waterproof breathable and it is not easy to tear; The PVC wristband is waterproof as well.

A thermal printing or carbon printing ,wristband, the middle layer is composite, but the surface with a layer of waterproof membrane, because the relationship between the print ribbon strap thermal transfer printing content, the waterproof performance is slightly worse than the thermal wristband, if it is waterproof ribbon material, then the effect will be better;

Plastic disposable bracelet born the way of waterproof;

The RFID disposable PVC wristbands got potential in the market, waterproof performance is dependent on the media, such as embedded in the thermal wristband or silicone wristbands.

So, as a kind of product throughout the entire period of hospitalization, disposable wristbands are waterproof, which is a basic feature.