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Latest RFID Wristbands for hospital application was released
Aug 28, 2018

HSY has recently launched Silica Gel RFID Wristband Tag with RFID technology. This kind of RFID Wristband is especially designed for integrated the different service providing in Hospital,Water Park, Cruise, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Spa Hotel and so forth.This kind of wristband provides a very low cost about 0.35USD.

Latest RFID Wrsitbands for hospital application

Here is the features of this RFID Wristband –

o RFID Wristband with low cost: a cost lower than 0.35USD for each unit.

o RFID Wristband with Low Frequency(125KHz) or High Frequency(13.56MHz).

o Waterproof: IP68 protection class allows the tag to be used in the environment of dankish or full-water environment without the possibility of malfunction.

o Heat-resistant: Heat-resistant material allows wristband to be worn and used in some high temperature environment.

o Reuseable RFID Wristband: Because of heat-resistant feature, Silicone RFID Wristband can be proceeded in high temperature sterilization equipment. Thus, next user can feel no worry when using it. This makes it cost efficient to the manufacturer and environment-friendly to the global.Also,for special projects and applications,the end-user or the integrator can make it one-time using or reuseable.

o RFID Wristband with Green & innocuous material:The Silica Gel is a kind of well-know Green & innocuous material,it is environment-friendly and safe-friendly.

o Wearing easily & comfortably RFID Wristband:By using soft and flexible material of Silica Gel, this RFID Wristband provides a comfortable and easy feeling touch while wearing and bearing.

o RFID Wristband with Free-Hand design:With multi-application function, it gives freedom and joyfulness to the users in water activities when personal ID, wallet can be electronically incorporated into RFID chip.