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Introduction to the working principle of magnetic stripe card
Feb 13, 2019

A magnetic stripe card is a liquid magnetic material or magnetic stripe as the information carrier, the liquid magnetic material coated on the card (such as a passbook) or the width of about 6-14mm magnetic strip pressed on the card. This article introduces you to the working principle of magnetic stripe card.

Magnetic card

Magnetic stripe card is generally used as recognition card, can write, store, rewrite information content, characterized by strong reliability, large record data density, low error reading rate, information input, readout speed. Because the magnetic card information is relatively simple and easy to read and write, easy to use, low cost, thus early development, and access to a number of applications, such as finance, finance, post and telecommunications, communications, transportation, tourism, medical, education, hotels and so on.

How magnetic stripe cards work

RF reader to IC card issued a set of fixed frequency of electromagnetic waves, the card has an IC series vibration circuit, its frequency and reader emission frequency is the same, so that under the excitation of electromagnetic waves, LC vibration circuit to produce resonance, so that the capacitor has an electric charge; at the other end of the charge, An electronic pump connected by a single guide sends the charge inside the capacitor to another capacitor for storage, and when the accumulated charge reaches 2V, the capacitor can be used as a power supply to provide a operating voltage for other circuits, emitting the data in the card or receiving the data of the reader.

According to the ISO7811/2 standard, the first track can store 76 alphanumeric characters and is read-only after being written for the first time; the second track can store 37 numeric characters and is also read-only; and the third track can store 104 numeric characters, which are readable and writable, and bank cards are used to record information such as book balances. The position of the three tracks on the card is strictly regulated in the International standard ISO007811/5. The above is the small series of Security Network for you to explain the working principle of magnetic stripe card Introduction, I hope you can learn more about magnetic stripe card knowledge.