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Mifare RFID Card Accelerate the Personnel Identification and Access Control
Sep 21, 2018

As the organic combination of RFID and IC card technology, Mifare RFID card has the ability to solve the conundrum between passive tags and contactless identification. That is to say, Mifare RFID card makes the personnel recognition more convenient and swift. In recent days, HSY, as a leading professional RFID tech products developer and manufacturer, has also unveiled the latest smart Mifare RFID card series, aiming at accelerating the process of access control and personnel identification. Certainly, the fire-new Mifare RFID card series can also heighten the security and protect the privacy of users.

Mifare RFID Card

Taking RFID irregular card for instance, this Mifare RFID card is available in different dimensions with a hole or without a hole in the middle. Compliant with ISO 14443 standards, Mifare RFID card works on the frequency of 13.56 MHz with diverse chips, such as Mifare-One S50/S70 and Mifare Ultra light. Additionally, this irregular Mifare RFID card also has 125 KHz operating frequency, which has available chips including EM4100 series, TK4100 and GK4100. Depending upon various RFID readers and working environments, Mifare RFID card has the reading distance ranging from 5cm to 30cm. Moreover, laminated with PVC material, this flexible and rugged Mifare RFID card is waterproof, dustproof and resistant to immersion in salt water, alcohol or oil. Brief speaking, Mifare RFID card with the anti-collision technology has the high security, strong reliability and convenience to use.

Nowadays, Mifare RFID cards have been quite common in a variety of industries and people’s daily life. For instance, in the application of personnel identification, organizations usually employ Mifare RFID card to maintain the order and safety, and speed up the attendee entering and leaving. In the meantime, with the short reading range and brilliant performance without contact, Mifare RFID card can defend the privacy of users and immensely promote the overall efficiency of access control. In addition, Mifare RFID cards are also available for electronic payment, parking charge, attendance, and other access control applications.