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NFC RFID Smart Card Designed to Read with an Iphone or Android
Sep 18, 2018

As the NFC RFID smart card is regarded as the fastest and most secure way in NFC payment, HSY has released latest NFC RFID smart card to help the payment process. Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443A standards, each NFC smart card contains a unique NFC chip to be read with an iphone or android, so as to make the payment process fast and secure.

NFC RFID Smart Card

The NFC RFID smart card provides excellent performance in NFC payment application since it is the top performer for NFC applications with stable performances. As for paying with the NFC card, users simply need to tap their prepaid card within a read range of with 10 cm, and no longer need to dip a card, enter a PIN or provide a signature.

Besides, this business NFC RFID smart card ensures high security between the information exchange and payment processes. This ISO 14443A tag supports encryption. In another words, it is read and write protected by password.

And compared with paper ticket and ordinary cards, this credit-card size NFC RFID smart card is a 0.86mm thickness card laminated by PVC housing to be used in wet environment. Besides, it is printable with a customized logo in silkscreen which is composed of no more than two colors.

More places can adopt this kind of NFC RFID smart card to faster the payment speeds and to increase the customers’ experience. As the 14443A infrastructure, the contactless NFC card is primarily designed for contactless single trip solutions in transport applications. And it is also ideal for mass transit, access control, contactless automatic fare collection programs such as concerts and sports.