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NFC Tags vs Bluetooth and Bluetooth 4.0
Aug 15, 2018

There are various wireless technologies that can be found on modern mobile devices, including cellular connectivity (3G, 4G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. However, it’s just the last two that work exclusively in close proximity (from a few centimeters to a few meters), while the first two offer wireless connectivity over larger distances.

NFC Tags is better than Bluetooth when it comes to mobile payments and other activities, as it will use less power and it will instantly pair with the other NFC-ready device. Furthermore, NFC operates on a much lower frequency (13.56MHz) compared to Bluetooth (2.4-2.5GHz).

NFC Tags vs Bluetooth

Bluetooth on the other hand offers support for higher data transfer speeds, and should be used when speedier data transfers between various Bluetooth-ready devices are needed. Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest standard version of this communications protocol and it’s also known as Bluetooth Low Energy, because it’s more battery-friendly.

NFC and Mobile Payments

In order to enable a mobile payment of any kind, you need more than just a NFC connection. The smartphone requires a secure application to handle the users’ credit cards, debit cards, tickets, coupons and other elements that would allow customers to complete a purchase in a store.

Even so, that doesn’t mean your NFC-enabled phone can be used to pay for stuff anywhere you go, because not every store out there has NFC readers installed. Without NFC readers in place, the smartphone won’t be able to connect to the cash register or initiate any data transfer.