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Performance comparison between face recognition attendance machine and fingerprint attendance machine
Jan 21, 2019

face recognition Attendance Machine is a new type of storage class attendance machine, in advance only to collect the image of employees and set up files, when employees commute to and from the face recognition attendance machine in the identification area, the attendance machine will quickly record the attendance status and keep records. Face recognition attendance machine is mainly used for the employee's attendance statistics, employees need to collect the employee face photos through the camera, and then through the face recognition algorithm from the collected photos to obtain the eigenvalue and with the database pre-deposited employee face photos of the eigenvalue analysis and comparison, identify the success of the employee's name, The attendance was successful.

Face recognition attendance machine combines RF and optical sensing technology and digital camera technology, in the use of fingerprint or sensor card punching, automatic shooting of employee image information and record, through the background management software can be viewed, compared to each card record of the person image, In order to effectively eliminate the phenomenon of punching in attendance. It is precisely because of this characteristic that the face recognition attendance machine has both the anti-replacement punching characteristics of the fingerprint attendance machine and the advantages of the induction attendance machine. Face recognition attendance machine compared with fingerprint attendance machine has the following advantages:

Because the fingerprint attendance machine on the environment and attendance staff skin requirements are very high, when the air is dry, dirty skin, molting and other conditions can not be identified, and the reading head is easy to wear. These reasons make the attendance machine life is short, the maintenance cost is high. and face recognition attendance machine is to identify people's avatar information, recognition is not affected by environmental and personnel factors. Fingerprint attendance machine needs to be pre-deposited into the staff's fingerprint information base, in order to carry out attendance, when personnel changes, but also frequently update the fingerprint information base. Operation is very troublesome, face recognition attendance machine does not need to enter any information, that is, ready to use. Face recognition attendance machine using "U disk" to face recognition attendance machine data acquisition, so as to achieve no wiring. Because it is identified by RF induction and does not require real-time comparison, the attendance speed is more block.

Because the fingerprint attendance machine needs to be pre-deposited into the employee's fingerprint information base, and fingerprint information involves personal privacy, the enterprise does not have the right to forcibly enter the employee's fingerprint information. Face recognition attendance machine built-in camera can be swiped at the same time on the card to take a photo archive, so that the generation of card holders have no escape. Fast, swipe + take 1 seconds to complete. The use of ultra-large capacity memory. That is, the shot is stored. Personal privacy is not involved. Face recognition attendance machine using built-in camera device and chip, so that its performance is more excellent, although the price compared to fingerprint attendance machine a little higher, but its performance can not be ignored.