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Pigs Breeding Management System (RFID Animal Ear Tag)
Aug 20, 2018

Pigs Breeding Management System (RFID Animal Ear Tag)

By using the advanced Internet technology, we come up with a scientific, accurate and safe solution to the pigs breeding, fattening, slaughter & processing and sales management and achieve a full traceability of pork products to solve the problem of extensive management loopholes and benefit loss in traditional production management. It can improve brand image and is a good promotion means, guaranteeing the production safety and well-control animal epidemic disease in order to gain value-added benefits.
Using RFID Animal ear tag on the individual pig identification and based on the identification code, we can summary the information of epidemic prevention, quarantine, feed input goods procurement and sales to the data center from the pig’s birth to slaughter. It can realize the network search for the source of product and the production process, providing consumers with assured and safe consumption guide and providing the government with reliable data source.