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Reusable RFID Smart Bracelet for access control application
Sep 07, 2018

HSY has recently released reusable RFID Smart Bracelet for access control application, such as amusement park and swimming pool. It is constructed from non-allergenic silicone and makes you feel comfortable when wearing on the wrist.

RFID Smart Bracelet

With RFID Smart bracelet in hand, it is able to identify and manage the in and out of people even in a certain mass events. Operating in either LF or HF frequency, the rfid smart bracelet can offer a read range of up to 40cm. And with advanced RFID standard chip’s technology, the RFID wristband can provide automated data capture that boosts efficiency and accuracy.

In addition, the RFID smart bracelets can be customized in different fun shapes and are fully supporting on logo printing and number printing. And it is waterproof and can be reusable after high-temperature sterilization. Therefore, you can use the wristbands to meet different requirements due to its bright colors and customized bands.

These RFID smart bracelets can be reprogrammed and written more than 100,000 times for 50 years. And they have been commonly used for access control in the fields of clubs or bars, Museum, healthcare environment, etc.