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RF Transmitter & Receiver Frequency Selection - 315MHz, 418MHz, 433.92MHz and 900MHz
Jul 10, 2018

Which frequency should I use when planning to design a RF (Radio Frequency) product in the United States?

315MHz is primarily used for remote key less entry (RKE) systems and garage door openers. As a result, this frequency is somewhat crowded, increasing the chances for interference. The FCC allowed power is lower than 418MHz or 433MHz and the selection and efficiency of antennas is limited.

* 315MHz is also widely used in Asia countries, such as China.

418MHz is a good frequency to use in the US as it is not very crowded. This gives the least likely chance for interference and therefore the best performance.

* 418MHz has once been widely used in the European countries, but now more and more new products adapt a 433.92MHz frequency.

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