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RFID Asset Tags – the Vital Tools of Impelling Asset Management
Sep 21, 2018

At the moment, RFID asset management tags based on RFID technology have been diffusely applied to identify, track and manage fixed assets. Combining the handheld and fixed data acquisition terminal readers with flexible RFID asset management tags, organizations can easily accomplish the daily work in the process of checking and managing the fixed assets. In order to enhance the efficiency of asset management, HSY, a leading Chinese company dedicated to producing RFID products, has newly released a series of smart RFID asset management tagsthat are specifically planned and manufactured for enterprises’ asset administration. To be excited, owing to the outstanding performance, RFID asset management tags have achieved lots of praise from numerous asset managers or organizations. 

 RFID Asset Tags.jpg

In the wake of the arrival of digital information era, RFID asset management tags are being applied more broadly, which makes how to track and manage enterprise assets become a simple thing. Due to the lack of RFID asset management tags, the traditional management modes have some shortcoming and problems, such as paper records that are uneasy to preserve, tedious and error-prone manual operations, the waste of human resources and so on. So RFID asset management tags come into companies’ vision when an increasing number of asset managers urgently want to seek for the practical and efficient tools to assist in asset identification, tracking and management. Technically, RFID asset management tags have several obvious merits compared with the traditional bar codes, including fast identification, large volume data, dynamically alterable ability, better security and privacy, etc. Also, the intelligent RFID asset management tags, with long service life and unique encryption technique, have the ability to actualize the identification in bulk. 

Moreover, RFID asset management tags can be read quickly and conveniently without touching, which means that asset managers are able to automatically track and monitor any fixed assets so long as they are tagged by RFID asset management tags within the effective reading range. For the sake of realizing the information and automated management of fixed assets, these RFID asset management tags from HSY have furthest ensured that accounting record is reconciled with actual situation of fixed assets. Meanwhile, RFID asset management tags are able to guarantee the security of assets through the real-time tracking, location and monitoring. In a word, RFID asset management tags have been the vital tools of impelling asset management modernization and promoted the overall efficiency of asset management.