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RFID Coin Tags Easily Integrated into Many RFID Projects Make a Significant Impact
Sep 20, 2018

In modern industrial development, the RFID products like intelligent RFID coin tags have made a significant impact on improving the RFID applications, such as the inventory control, logistics and anti-counterfeiting. Usually, the RFID operation process will always face many challenges due to the harsh conditions of RFID areas, and new generation mini RFID coil tags with special design and chips just can bring ideal solutions to solve the difficulties existing in harsh RFID environment. More fortunately, HSY, the leading RFID products manufacturer, has released a series of RFID coil tags easily integrated into many RFID projects to improve the RFID applications. Adopting cutting-edge RFID technology, these RFID coil tags will give a profound shift to RFID management in 2018.

RFID Coin Tags

On account of mini coil shape and 3m glue on the back, the intelligent RFID coil tags from HSY create great convenience to users for tracking use. Available in diverse chips, for instance, Mifare-One S50 and EM4102, the adhesive RFID coil tags can be customized for different demands and easily integrated into many RFID projects, such as asset tracking, inventory management, logistics and anti-counterfeiting, etc. Certainly, with the unique ID number, each RFID coil tag plays a crucial role in producing the fake products. In other words, the RFID coil tag series enhance the transparency of tracking operation and improve the customer service. Besides, with the suitable reading range from 5cm to 30cm, these RFID coil tag can be read fast in short time so that the RFID tracking can be efficient. More importantly, in virtue of the reliable performance, these RFID coil tags can cut a figure in hostile physical conditions, including resistance against abrasion and impact, etc.


Implementing the ideal RFID tracking applications, the RFID coil tags not only reduce the theft loss and prevents the fake, but also improve the working efficiency and bring great convenience to people’s life. Additionally, keeping 100,000 times reading and writing, these RFID coil tags can be durable and help users save costs in RFID asset tracking fields. Actually, these intelligent RFID coil tags set new standard for enhancing RFID asset tracking applications. All in all, the RFID coil tags from HSY have made use of RFID technology to various RFID applications, such as inventory management, logistics, access control and so on. In short, these high-quality RFID coil tags push RFID applications to a higher level.