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RFID disposable PVC wristbands medical application system
Aug 01, 2018

RFID disposable PVC wristbands medical application

1, The medical staff must strictly enforce the check system, should at least use the name, gender, age 3 methods to confirm the identity of patientsin all kinds of diagnosis and treatment activities.

2, Due to the Disturbance of LanguageExchange patient should use of RFID PVC disposable wristbands when ICUchecking, severe illness, consciousness disorders, newborns, operation period, blood transfusion.

3, There will be a implementation of "dual core when nurses in the use of "wrist" logo for patients, wristbands" recorded information includes: name, gender, age of patients, hospital number, bed number, Department, the diagnosis of allergies by nurses were responsible for completing.

4, "wristbands" used as the identification mark, must double check before use, if there is damage with the wristband and it needs to be replaced by a two person, need to check as well, "wearing wristbands" logo should be accurate, pay attention to wear skin abrasions, good blood supply.

check wristbands confirm the identity of patients

5, When it is interventional therapy or trauma treatment activities, sampling and dosing, blood transfusion, paying a special diet, medical personnel should allow patients or family members stated the patient's name, and at the same time using two patient identification method, check card and wristbands, confirm the identity of patients.

6, When surgical patients in transfer process, must have the following specificpatientidentification; (1)The wristband should written clear with bed, hospital number, name, gender, type, blood type, and fill in the operation room nurse handover correct before patient entering the operation room and operation room ward docking. (2) patients in the intraoperative phase should use the wristband, on the day before the beginning of operation, on a critical condition used during surgery, or after use to be stable for three days, nurses will check off when all the stuff done.