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RFID Library Management Solution
Aug 21, 2018

RFID Library Tags Management Solution

Libraries maintain a significantly large inventory of books and other items and organization is key to their operation. Keeping track of incoming and outgoing materials used to be recorded by hand. As time went on, computer systems were installed, which greatly increased the accuracy of records and efficiency. The next technological step was to add RFID tags to library (RFID library Tags) materials and integrate them with the computer systems already in place.

RFID technology applications from SIS help libraries through improved efficiency in sorting, check-outs, and returns. With RFID solutions, books move faster through the system because multiple items can often be read in piles rather than individually. This is especially time saving when it comes to sorting books being returned to the library. It not only makes materials available to customers more quickly, it also allows library workers to save time and focus on other tasks. Additionally, libraries can equip RFID anti-theft gates at their entrances, to enhance the security of library materials. High read rate and long read range allows the two gate frames to set apart widely enough in order to handle the large flow of patrons moving in and out of the library.