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RFID metal tag like coin & stickers for metal surfaces
Aug 23, 2018

HSY is a leading supplier of RFID tags, has developed RFID Metal Tag that can be directly pasted on metal surfaces (like stickers) for use in metallic enviornments.This passive RFID tag is designed in a very small size only diameter 13mm round,with price at lower than 1USD.

HSY Card tag.jpg

The HF RFID Metal Tag is designed for close quarters checking with high performance for on-metal tagging. In addition to the small footprint, the RFID metal tag is available with printing and silk screen with logo or numbering on.

The RFID HF Metal Tag Family, combines advanced lightweight materials and a small footprint with durability and on-metal performance. The RFID metal tag is built to IP67 industry standards and can withstand harsh environments, including resistance to immersion in water,dust and acid.

Commonly, the metal tag has an impressive read range of 1.5cm to 3cm on metal. HSY have developed metal tags and labels with materials, antennas and other components to meet all sorts of demanding applications with the smallest possible product footprint.