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RFID on Metal Tags Maintain High Performance under Hash Metallic Environment
Sep 20, 2018

In the past, ordinary RFID tags with its short read range are often not suitable for using on metal environment, HSY, as a well-respected RFID company in China, has newly unveiled a series of RFID on Metal Tags to wristbands extreme conditions, harsh environment and high temperatures while still maintaining high performance. That is these RFID on Metal Tags overcome some of the problems traditional RFID tags suffer when near metal, for example, they have been successfully used in asset tracking applications such as railway and warehousing solutions.

RFID on Metal Tags

With widely using in the logistics, these RFID on Metal Tags help to ensure the time of tracking the goods and enhance the security. Compatible with international standard and different operating frequency, the tags can offer excellent communication by a reader and are designed to compensate for the effects of metal, such as detuning and reflecting of the RFID signal, which can cause poor tag read range, phantom reads, or no read signal at all. At the same time, due to the self-adhesive 3M Glue or screw holes on two sides, these RFID on Metal Tags can be directly attached to metal or containers of liquid. In virtue of the special housing material and professional design, the data maintenance could last as long as 10 years.