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RFID Patient Wristbands for patient identification and management
Sep 10, 2018

HSY has released UHF RFID Wristband for patient identification and management. With RFID chip sealed inside the wristband, the RFID Wristband can be used to automatically record and transfer the real-time data for hospital management. Thus, it is very helpful for the hospital operation.

RFID Patient Wristbands

The UHF Wristband simplifies data input and reduces errors in patient’s data processing. It is able to record the patient’s information automatically, such as what type of care they need and what care they have already received. Therefore, the doctors can always know clearly how to take care of the different patients from the wristbands records.

UHF RFID Wristband

Complying with ISO18000-6C or ISO18000-6B standards, the EPC UHF RFID Wristband offers various read range from a minimum of 10 cm to a maximum of 5 m. Therefore, it is especially suited for patient care and tracking in healthcare environments.

In order to meet the hygienic requirement of hospital, the UHF Wristband is designed for one time use. That means once it is taken off, the Gen 2 RFID wristbands are broken for sanitation and privacy. Certainly, it is suitable for used in other applications such as admission control, special passes, VIP passes, staff ID, patron ID, etc.