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RFID Smart Card for bus of digital cities
Jul 16, 2018

The construction of digital cities is a complex system engineering involving government affairs, public utilities, transportation, and community. Population management and social welfare management need to keep detailed information of a large number of residents. Water and electricity management and traffic management require convenient payment methods and consumption data. Such a large amount of data collection, statistics and inquiry work becomes the crux of the existing urban management method, and RFID The technology can conveniently record the citizens' life information and consumption information digitally, reflect them in the relevant information system of the city, and provide necessary data and analysis for the comprehensive management of city information.


RFID is an automatic identification technology that uses inductive, radio wave or microwave energy for non-contact two-way communication to achieve the purpose of identifying and exchanging data. It automatically recognizes the target object and acquires relevant data through the RF signal, and can complete the information input and processing without manual contact, without optical visualization, without manual intervention, and the operation is quick and convenient. The electronic label is different from the barcode. It has waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature resistance, long service life, large reading distance, data on the label can be encrypted, storage data capacity is larger, high-speed moving objects can be recognized and multiple labels can be recognized at the same time. Etc.

Apply RFID (RFID-Radio Frequency Identification) to the rapid transit priority system, and take advantage of the technical advantages of RFID: not affected by harsh environment, good penetration, repeated use of electronic tags, long-distance contactless The identification, reading speed, data can be updated, etc., so that the bus and the signal light are effectively linked, which improves the efficiency of the bus operation.