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RFID Smart Card for high-level club
Jul 06, 2018

In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy and urban construction, high-level clubs (and some high-end hotels, clubs, playgrounds, etc.) have gradually emerged in some of the more prosperous metropolises. These clubs have specially received dignitaries and try to provide as fast and comfortable as possible services . At the same time, the security considerations in the clubhouse are also indispensable. Most of the dignitaries need a relatively private consumption space and do not like the popular entertainment system. Therefore, when designing the personnel access system inside the clubhouse, it is often necessary to take both aspects into consideration. 

The intelligent service management system which based on RFID smart card technology provides fast, comfortable and safe intelligent services for VIPs of senior clubs. It can combine microwave, high frequency , dual frequency identification Technology, sensor technology andwireless monitoring technology according to the current management status and market demand of senior clubs. 

Under such a smart system, customer will hold a "VIP identification card", which includes his personal VIP level, customary needs, and personalized services. For example, a special cabinet is provided for the valuables of this customer. The waiter will be notified of his consumer demand in advance via a portable reader and sent to the backstage in a timely manner. Of course, this may include electronic purses, personnel positioning, and parking guidance and other functions.