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RFID sticker Tags Assist in Making Asset tracking and Management Better
Sep 21, 2018

As one part of RFID system in asset tracking management, RFID sticker tags have played an indispensible and significant role. With the rapid advancement of society, asset management has become more and more important in the business administration, so using high-tech tools (just like RFID sticker tags) to manage assets has aroused wide concern. Recently, HSY, a leading professional RFID products manufacturer, has newly released a series of RFID sticker tags that are specially planned for enterprise asset tracking, in order to make asset tracking and management better.

RFID sticker Tags

Owing to adopting the cutting-edge RFID technology, RFID sticker tags produced in HSY’s own factory have small size and high performance with reasonable prices. Taking one of RFID sticker tags - RFID tiny tag 01 for example, it is specially designed in Dia.7mm for item tracking. Based on the operating frequency of 13.56 MHz, this RFID sticker tag is compatible with the protocols of ISO 15693. Hence, RFID sticker tag has the reading distance ranging from 2cm to 10cm, which ensures the security and accuracy in the process of asset tracking. And it is commonly believed that using RFID sticker tags to strengthen the security and efficiency appears to be especially important in the management of enterprise property. Moreover, RFID sticker tag can keep the data maintenance for ten years and its EMS memory can be wiped and written more than 100,000 times.

RFID sticker Tag

Apart from the above features, RFID sticker tags have several advantages, including waterproof, anti-acid, crashworthy and anti-alkali, all of which are very appropriate for asset tracking and devices management. By employing RFID sticker tags, it is easy for asset managers to collect data and information automatically and make assets change info and system info accordant timely. Further more, RFID sticker tags are also helpful to eliminate errors caused by manual operations, reduce the unnecessary costs and lower the loss of asset theft and asset lost. In a word, RFID sticker tags have become the significant and high-tech tools to track and manage assets in numerous enterprises.