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RFID tag for the management of warehouse
Jul 04, 2018

Problems with traditional warehouse management

Since no automatic identification technology is adopted, it is dependent on manual entry of item code and position code information. If you want to manage it more carefully, a large amount of entry work is inevitable. In order to reduce the administrative workload, the actual situation is usually to abandon the management of the position, abandon the management of the single item code, and even give up the coding of the item by batch. One item has only one code, which leads to the following series of problems. .

There is no warehousing batch, manufacturing batch management, FIFO principle, shelf life strategy, etc. can not be strictly enforced.

Lack of position management, the system only knows how much inventory and do not know where to put it, warehouse managers rely on memory to find things in the warehouse, also affect the implementation of the first-in-first-out principle and the shelf life strategy.

With the increase in the variety and quantity of stocks and the sharp increase in the frequency of warehousing and storage, the traditional warehouse operation mode seriously affects the normal operation efficiency. The existing computer management warehouse management system has become more and more difficult to meet the requirements of warehouse management for fast, accurate and real-time.

The automatic identification technology solves the automation of the data input of the warehouse workers, realizes the accurate transmission of data, ensures the efficiency of the warehouse operation, and is beneficial to make full use of the limited warehouse space.

RFID Tag.jpg

Advantages of an intelligent warehouse management system

Scientifically encode the inventory and scientifically encode the inventory according to different management objectives (such as tracking the item or realizing the shelf life/batch management). On the basis of scientific coding, paste the barcode label or RFID before the storage. Electronic tags to facilitate automated collection of relevant data at all stages of subsequent warehouse operations.

The warehouse location is scientifically coded and identified by bar code symbols to realize the warehouse location management. At the time of storage, the handheld data collection terminal is used to register the location of the inventory and import into the management system. The location management of the warehouse is conducive to quickly locate the location of the goods in large warehouses or multi-variety warehouses, which is conducive to the realization of the first-in-first-out management objectives and the efficiency of warehouse operations.

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