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RFID wristband Color Can be customized
Jul 30, 2018

Card Cube is professional RFID wristband producer

What is the color of RFID wristband? Actually the answer is every color, it depends on that if the wristband is normal or customized.

RFID wristband we see in the market are general wristband type of the factory, so the color are fixed.

If customer needs a large quantity of wristbands, they can ask the factory to customize in color,shape,content and so on, to meet with their needs.

RFID wristband is a durable,easy to use smart wristband. RFID wristband applies environment friendly silica gal material, it’s comfortable and beautiful to wear. There are one time use and durable two types.

HSY is a professional RFID wristband producer. This wristband helps users in their daily life,they need not to show every membership card to dining,swimming pool,gym and so on. Easy to carry and manage.

Product introduction:

Made up of 100% silica gal, RFID wristband possesses advantages like environment friendly, soft,easy to carry, non-rupture,waterproof,wet-proof, high-temperature resistant, endurable,friendly to the skin..