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RFID Wristband is Available with Various Standard Chips
Sep 06, 2018

HSY has launched new RFID wristband operating in 125KHz or 13.56MHz. The reusable RFID wristband is available with various standard chips such as EM4102, EM4001, Hitag-S, or mifare family, I-Code, TI 256, etc.

EM RFID Wristband

The RFID wristband is waterproof and heat-resistant. By using silicone material, it can reusable after high-temperature sterilization. This RFID wrist band can be read and written more than 100,000 times, and logo printing and number printing are available.

The RFID wristband use RFID technology to uniquely identify the wearer. It can be used as an entry ticket, enabling a easy controlling entry to different parts of the festival, such as backstage or VIP areas. Besides, the silicone wrist band can be designed in different fun shapes according to requirements.