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Small RFID Keychain RFID Keyfobs for Keyless Entry
Sep 10, 2018

HSY has released RFID Keychain and RFID Keyfob series with different small sizes and shapes for choice. Operating in 125KHz or 13.56MHz frequency, the RFID Key chain enables the door open automatically without a key, while providing secure identification for the limited area.

RFID Keyfobs

With a sealed RFID chip inside, this LF/HF RFID Keychain can provide an efficient, reliable means for keyless entry. With a RFID Key tag close to controller, it provides automated check-in or check-out procedures for access control application, while capturing the information in real time.

RFID Keyfob

In order to adapt to the market requirement, the housing of the contactless key tag can be customized in diverse materials such as plush leather, ABS plastic, PVC plastic and wooden material. Besides, custom logo printing and serial number printing is also available.

The RFID Key chains can be used in a wide range of access control applications for keyless entry, such as hospitals, shops, government offices, etc. They are also widely used by real estate companies and property managers. Because it is an effective way to enable the smart key to work or not even if the keychain is missed.