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Smart RFID UHF Label for Inventory Control
Sep 11, 2018

HSY  has recently released a smart RFID UHF label -01 to automate asset inventory management. Supporting ISO 18000-6C EPC Gen2 protocol, this UHF RFID label is a cost-effective solution for applying in office, libraries, logistics or other places to keep security of the paper files and parcels, etc.


Unlike barcode paper label, each UHF RFID label contains a small IC chip and antenna for tracing of the tagging asset automatically. From this point of view, it helps to improve the reliability and security in the inventory control processes. And at the same time, with this UHF label glued to the files or parcels, possibilities of misplacing assets or losing assets will be prevented.

The housing material of the UHF label antenna is aluminum, making it durable even under harsh environment. To be exact, it can survive in the extreme temperatures, as low as -40 Celsius degree, or as high as +90 Celsius degree. Besides, read and write range varies from 1 meter to 10 meters basing on different readers and environment.

With this smart UHF label, inventory control turns into a piece of cake. And with the standard color of white blank, the standard dimension of RFID label is 78mm by 102mm, or 50mm by 100mm. Other colors and dimensions are welcomed to be customized.