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The Application of Contactless Metro Smart Card
Sep 25, 2018

At present, the construction of urban subways in China has entered a peak, and major cities have started subway construction. The subway not only brings great convenience to the citizens, but also improves urban traffic and increases fiscal revenue. According to statistics, the annual volume of passengers transported by the world's large subways has reached billions of people. As far as the Beijing Subway is concerned, the peak period is more than 2 million times a day. It is precisely because of the huge traffic volume of passengers that the following conditions are common in subway ticket sales: 

  • *The ticket sales speed is slow, and the cash change is easy to cause long queues to wait for passengers to queue up.

  • *Paying money, finding money, wasting valuable time, and it is easy to make mistakes. Slow speed, low efficiency, and damage to the company's interests 

  • *It is difficult to prevent internal employee corruption and other behaviors that harm the company's interests. 

  • *It is difficult to calculate the business and sales situation in various places to obtain internal business feedback. 

  • *Statistics cannot be obtained for passenger traffic analysis, and it is even more difficult to plan accordingly. 

  • *It is difficult to make the business of the company unique and enhance the social image and grade.

  • *Customer dissatisfaction is a greater loss for the company. 

All of the above problems can be solved by implementing a scientific management model of informationization. Therefore, we believe that the economic benefits can be made more substantial by strengthening scientific management and increasing the desire to stimulate tourists. Therefore, we propose a “one card” management information system based on hand-held mobile POS machines, computer networks and IC cards, which can scientifically manage subway ticket sales and small-volume consumption, effectively solve the above problems and satisfy passengers. To improve economic and social benefits.

Smart Card.jpg

This program mainly explains how to use a handheld mobile POS machine, non-contact IC card and computer and other advanced technologies to build a smart card "one card" system for management, sales, consumption and settlement, and realize the integration of subway ticket management and consumption,so that we can achieve intelligent management of subway ticket sales, provide maximum convenience to passengers, and  improve passenger consumption