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The five core components of the access control system
Jan 27, 2019

Access control Everyone knows, then this chapter on the detailed description of the current access control of the five core components.

1. Access Control Controller
The core part of the access control system, equivalent to the computer's CPU, is responsible for the entire system input, output information processing and storage, control and so on.

2. Card reader (recognizer)
A device that reads data (biometric information) from a card.

3. Electronic lock

     The actuator that locks the door in the access control system. The user should select different locks according to the materials of the door, the requirements for going out, etc. There are mainly the following types:

(1) Electromagnetic lock: After the electromagnetic lock is powered off, the door is opened and meets the fire protection requirements. A variety of mounting brackets are available for customers to use. The lock is suitable for one-way wooden doors, glass doors, fire doors, and split electric doors.

(2) Anode lock: The anode lock is a power-off type and meets fire protection requirements. It is mounted on the upper part of the door frame. Unlike the electromagnetic lock, the anode lock is suitable for two-way wooden doors, glass doors, fire doors, and it has a door magnetic detector that can detect the safety status of the door at any time.

(3) Cathode lock: The general cathode lock is energized to open the door type. Suitable for one-way wooden doors. Install the cathode lock must be equipped with UPS power. Because the lock is locked when the power is off.

4. Cards
The key to the door. The cardholder's personal photo can be printed on the card, and the Open Door card and badge will be combined.

5. Other equipment
Go out button: Click on the device that opens the door, which is suitable for situations where there is no limit on going out.
Door magnetism: Used to detect the safety/switching status of the door, etc.
Power supply: The whole system of power supply equipment, divided into ordinary and backup type (with battery ) two kinds.