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The principle of access control system
Jan 14, 2019

Access control system is also known as Access Management control system, set microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures as one, involving electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communications technology, biotechnology and many other new technologies. So, what is the principle of access control system? The following to introduce the principle of access control system.

Principle of stand-in Access control system
Independent access control is non-network type, each door lock is independent, its information reading is usually plug-in card and inductive. The principle is that the reading card head is used to read the credit card information (card number) of the card person, and then converted into electrical signal sent to the access control controller, the controller according to the received card number, through the software to determine whether the cardholder has been authorized to enter the gate during this time period, according to the results of the judgment to complete the unlock, Keep the latch and other work.

Principle of networked access control system
Networked access control system is composed of controller, card reader , electronic control lock. Open Door button, etc., it is through the computer equipped with access control system software to manage all the information analysis and processing in the system. The principle is that the controller receives information from people and corresponding authorization information sent from the management computer, and transmits the card records to the computer. A single controller can form a simple access control system to manage one or two doors. Multiple controllers connect to the computer through a communication network to form a access control system for the entire building.

What is the Access control system principle, the above is the principle of access control system introduction. Access control system from the traditional door lock based on the development of its security in recent years has been a leap forward in the progress and development. Today, the new technology generated by the fingerprint access control system, facial recognition access control system, etc., has guaranteed more and more families home security, and so that access control system in more and more fields have been applied.