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The RFID Tech Convenient For Our Daily Life
Jan 10, 2019

The RFID Tech Convenient For Our Daily Life

RFID-Labels-RFID factory

RFID windshield tags offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community, company/corporate secured parking or even a car wash. Besides, this will also lead to generation of business opportunities for RFID industry in China and other countries. As we are well informed, the RFID tech is being used in almost everything today. Then again, what we generally know about the usage of the RFID technology in the fashion industry would be to check for inventories, price, and such. To add on what I had mention about having the RFID tags on children when they enter Wal-Mart to avoid missing in the store.

RFID Improves Elderly Care, Care center could keep track of the visibility of each and every elderly people in the center by having a RFID tag on their body. It is to enable the nurses to get immediate help from others by pressing an emergency button located at the tag whenever needed. I would like to add on some consequences which RFID tech would face.

In my point of view, I think that this RFID techn on elderly should be implemented on most the elderly people who have those sicknesses like Alzheimer. As RFID technology evolves, security and privacy threats will therefore evolve. The RFID chips may scare many people as the tags that optimize supply chains are able to ‘abuse’ one person’s privacy by tracking the tagged item’s.

If I wasn’t mistaken, IFF is being used in military to overcome the‘unwanted’ RFID. RFID tech has become increasingly popular due to its broader usage and we can discuss RFID in various aspects. It has been said that in China, the government has put a lot of efforts to support RFID industries and RFID tech is also one of the national plans in China. Due to those reasons of solution, most of the patient in the hospital agreed to be implanted RFID.