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UHF RFID on Metal Tags — A New Star in the Metallic Environment
Sep 18, 2018

Nowadays, the application of UHF RFID products in the metal environment is more and more popular. Since the ordinary RFID tags with its short read range are often not suitable for using on metal environment, Card Cube Group, as a well-respected RFID company in China, has newly unveiled UHF RFID On Metal Tags with long read range up to 5 meters to solve the problem of tracking environment around metal and be a new star to illuminated the way to develop the RFID applications under the metallic environment.

UHF RFID Metal Tags

With widely using in the logistics, the tags help to ensure the time of tracking the goods and enhance the security. Compatible with international standard ISO18000-6B or ISO18000-6C (EPC C1 Gen2) protocols, these UHF RFID on- metal Tags can offer excellent communication by UHF Reader. And with the self-adhesive 3M Glue or screw holes on two sides, these UHF RFID on Metal Tags can be directly attached to metal or containers of liquid. In virtue of the special housing material and professional design, the data maintenance could last as long as 10 years.

RFID Metal Tags

As for the operating frequency, this mount on metal RFID tags can be customized for catering for the actual standards in different countries, for example, 902-928MHz in USA, 868MHz in Europe and 950MHz in Japan. Besides, this tag can perform very well even in hostile conditions, including resisting against high temperature up to 90°C, as well as aggressive chemicals, like in the water, alkali, acid, crashworthy. Thus, the more hostile environment, the more can understand Contactless UHF on-metal RFID tags always reliable.

With the advantages mentioned above, these Gen2 RFID tags for metal have been successful applying in tracking under metal environments, such as blade servers, network equipment or mobile IT assets such as laptops and other handheld units.