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Waterproof Mifare RFID Wristband Tag for all-purpose fields
Sep 12, 2018

HSY has recently come out with a latest Mifare RFID Wristband for all-purpose fields, including under water environment. Using advance mifare chips, this newly waterproof RFID wristband can be widely used in all kinds of asset management, especially in Water Park, Cruise, Swimming Pool and so forth.

Mifare RFID Wristband

Traditional asset management and access control often needs lots of labors, and it may lead to confusion and long queuing to wait. These mifare RFID wristbands could solve the above problems, because the wristband can be used as the only key of storage cabinet, admission ticket and payment as well. With its reliable read and write range from 2cm to 10cm, needless to worry whether it can work or not after being in the water, since the wristband is waterproof.

This Mifare RFID wristband can be customized to use mifare chips, such as Mifare-One S50, Mifare-One S70 and Ultralight. With its protection of the plastic housing material, this contactless RFID wristband is perfectly used in wet environment. Besides, it is heat-resistant to perform well over the operating temperature range of -20 Celsius degree to 70 Celsius degree.