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What are the types of electric locks?
Jan 24, 2019

1. cathode lock


The classification of electronically controlled locks is mainly determined by the different doors used. The cathodes are most closely related to our daily life. At present, many wooden doors and security doors that we produce are cathode locks, such as Interior doors, anti-theft iron doors, ward doors, classroom doors, etc. in home decoration.


2. Anode lock


Anode locks Although we usually have less contact with ourselves, we will often see them. Some residential units, a few home security doors, warehouse doors, etc. will use such electronic locks. The characteristic is that they are all closed for a long time, and there is no one to open them at any time.


3. magnetic lock


The magnetic lock is the most widely used for the door as a passage, especially the fire passage. In the event of a fire, the door lock will automatically disconnect the power supply, and then the door will remain open, which can maximize the escape for the escape. More time, to provide better protection for their safety, this electronic lock is generally used for glass doors or iron doors.


4. electric lock


The electric lock is one of the main locks in the access control system. It is widely used in wooden doors or glass doors in the office. It is a lock body that meets the fire code and can create the safest for the user. The office environment, even in the event of an accident, has enough time to reach a safe place.