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What is Code Hopping or Rolling Code
Jul 10, 2018

It’s a way of preventing unauthorised access to a digital code which might be transmitted via a short-range radio link to do something: open a garage door, lock or unlock a car and perhaps turn its own security system on and off – and much more.

But before we look at these terms, though, let’s go back in time to the days before code hopping and rolling code. 

Short-range radio-operated control devices have been around for a couple of decades or so (at least, in any volume). The earliest ones that I remember simply used a burst of RF, at a particular frequency, with an appropriate receiver.

It’s not hard to see the shortcomings of such devices. Simply sweeping the likely band(s) with an RF generator attached to an antenna would more often than not achieve the desired result (desired for the intruder, that is).