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What is Momentary / Latched / Toggle Working Mode
Jul 10, 2018

Common RF remote control switch / RF relay board can be chosen from either of 3 working modes:  Momentary, Latched or Toggle. These 3 working modes are either by using different 2272 decoder ICs (2272-M4 for Momentary, 2272-L4 for Latched, 2272-T4 for Toggle) or using our programmable smart RF relay board (using Jumpers and MCUs).

Short Description of Momentary/Latched/Toggle Working Modes

  • Single Relay Operating Modes

  • Momentary: Press->On; Release->Off (For single relay)

  • Toggle: Press->On; Press again->Off (For single relay)

  • Latched: Press Button A->On; Press Button B->Off (For single relay)

  • Relay Group Operating Modes

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