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What is the function of NFC?
May 16, 2018

At present, there are mainly five types of NFC technology applied to mobile phones.

1. Through the contact, such as access control management, tickets and tickets, etc., the user can store the ticket or gated password close to the reader, and can also be used for logistics management.

2. Contact payment, such as contactless mobile payment, the user places the device close to the POS machine embedded with the NFC module to make payment and confirm the transaction.

3. Contact connection, such as the connection of two NFC devices for point-to-point data transmission, such as downloading music, pictures, and exchange of contacts.

4. Contact browsing, users can access NFC mobile phones near the streets of smart phones or posters with NFC functionality, to view traffic information.

5. Download contact, the user can receive or download information through the GPRS network, for payment or access control functions, as described above, the user can send a specific format of text messages to the housekeeping server's mobile phone to control the housekeeping staff access to the house.