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what is the principle of door closers?
Jan 15, 2019

Device is our fire channel door closers in the high-rise often see, it can effectively ensure the timely closing after opening door. Door closers use effect is very good, then who knows what closing principle? The following talk about what is the principle of door closers.

door closer

The concept of door closers

The door-closer device is a spring-like hydraulic device on the head, when the door opens can be released by compression, the door automatically closes, there is like the role of spring door, can ensure that the door is opened, accurate and timely closure to the initial position.

The Principle of door closers

When the door is opened, the door body drives the connecting rod movement, and the rotation of the transmission gear, rack drive plunger is moved to the right. In the process of the shift in the spring is compressed by the piston, the hydraulic oil in the compression cavity of right. A one-way valve in the hydraulic plunger ball left open under the action of hydraulic oil, the right cavity through the one-way valve flow to the left cavity. Open the door when the process is completed, because the spring is in the process of opening compression, elastic potential energy savings are released, will push the plunger to the left, drives the drive gear and the connecting rod to rotate the closed door, the door is closed.

The principle of door closers to close the door slowly

In the spring release process, the hydraulic oil closers left cavity is compressed, the one-way valve is closed, the hydraulic oil can only through the gap between the shell and the plunger of the outflow, and through holes on the plunger and 2 a throttling valve core flow back into the right chamber. Therefore, the hydraulic oil to the spring release form resistance, namely through the throttle to cushion the effect of the door closing speed under control. The throttle valve on the valve body can be adjusted, can control the different segments, can change the camera speed. Although different manufacturers closing structure, size differences, but the principle is the same.