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Characteristics And Applications Of RFID Silicone Wristband
Aug 01, 2018

RFID silicone wristband Characteristics:

1. one shot process with 100% silica gal, poison-less, crackless,durable,skin friendly...
2. closed cycle, colorful, comfortable to touch and wear
3. can be used to search and track
4. waterproof,wet-proof, shockproof,high-temperature resistant

Application of RFID silicone wristband:

RFID wristband can be used in water for a long time without being affected, so it is widely used in wet and high temperature environment like swimming pool,bath center,cooling room, waterproof routing inspection,outdoor working and so on.

RFID wristband tag personnel location system(PLS) adds locator in the reader and the tag, the tag reflects its ID information and the location of the locator to the reader exactly, processed by system these information can show personnel’s general path clearly. Also RFID wristband tag PLS can show the number of personnel gathered, in situations like inmates gather to fight it can show exactly how many inmates are there, to help the person who manage this to work more efficiently. This is a low-cost PLS device, 2.4G,Multi gain adjustable design,wireless activation, can activate tags within the range from different distances.