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Fingerprint Lock Development Trend
May 16, 2018

Since 2010, the fingerprint lock industry has presented the following trends:

1, more and more fingerprint lock manufacturers. Despite the different technical capabilities and uneven levels, there are more and more people and companies entering the industry. Especially some electronic locks and mechanical lock manufacturers.

2, the standard gradually unified. All kinds of new products gradually implement national industry standards; Guangdong standards gradually move closer to Zhejiang standards. The main performance is the use of anti-theft design, increase intelligent human-computer interaction.

3, product diversification. Manufacturers with strong technical capabilities have developed several new fingerprint locks. There are hundreds of flowers and hundreds of schools contending.

4, the trend of homogeneity is obvious. Under the premise of the basic unity of standards, homogeneity has become increasingly serious with the exception of the appearance of using the same component and the same module. This is particularly evident in products released by manufacturers that do not have independent research and development capabilities. Under the influence of the piracy culture of “a great essay in the world”, the products of big manufacturers that dare to innovate have become the targets of plagiarism.

5, the real estate market opened the day. As of July 2011, there are more than 400 real estate projects in China that use fingerprint locks.