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Operation Between Non-contact IC Card And Card Reader
May 16, 2018

Between the non-contact IC card and the reader, the radio wave is used to complete the read/write operation. The communication frequency between the two is 13.56 MHz. The non-contact IC card itself is a passive card, and the reader reads the card. The write operation is that the signal sent by the reader is composed of two parts: one is the power signal. After the signal is received by the card, it generates a momentary energy with its own L/C to supply the chip. The other part is the command and data. The signal, the command chip completes the data reading, modification, storage, etc., and returns a signal to the reader/writer, completing a read/write operation. The reader/writer is generally composed of a single-chip microcomputer, a dedicated intelligent module and an antenna, and is equipped with a PC. Communication interfaces, print ports, I/O ports, etc., for use in different areas.